Dopey, Jump, Picture, Teacher. damn right

hi <3

Dopey; hmm. Trying to think of the most recent one but I think it was the one where…

In my haste to pick up the coins that I dropped at this 7-11, I hit my head against the counter HAHAHA. The guy at the cashier was like “omg are you okay” but I was just “yeah I’m fine ahahaha. ha. ha. ha.” [gives money awkwardly and walks off awkwardly]

Jump; ….screw you man. I did them though. Are you proud of me HAHAHAHA.

Teacher; I’d really like to own a small business, really. I know nothing about business, but part of me wants to just own a wedding boutique. x: Or one of those small but cosy coffee shops where you can sit and chill that isn’t actually Starbucks. 

Picture; sigh my face.